Frequently Asked Questions: What are the different kinds of braces available?

Getting braces sounds like a pretty straightforward thing, right? But with a quick google search about the different types of braces, how long treatment will last, when to start, etc etc it’s easy to have your head spinning with ALL the information out there on the internet.

Don’t worry! The entire Glander Rochford Orthodontics team is here to keep things simple, answer your questions along the way, and help guide you through this entire process.

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What are the different kinds of braces available?

At Glander Rochford Orthodontics we specialize in traditional metal braces, clear ceramic braces and Invisalign for children, teens and adults.

We offer all these options for all ages and we have patients of all ages taking advantage of each option!

Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are brackets that are attached to front of teeth with an adhesive and connected by a wire. When you come in for follow up appointments during treatment, the wire is tightened to help the progression of improving the alignment of your teeth.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces work in a very similar way to traditional braces. A bracket is placed on your tooth and the brackets are connected by a wire that is tightened at follow up appointments. The difference between ceramic braces and metal braces is the color. Ceramic braces are also called “clear braces” because the color is meant to mimic tooth color so the braces are less visible. These braces is typically chosen for cosmetic reasons.


Invisalign is a brand of clear aligners that look similar to a whitening tray or a clear retainer. These are removable trays that are custom fit to your teeth. Small clear attachments are fixed to some teeth during treatment to give the aligners something to “grab” onto to assist in moving your teeth. Teeth movement is accomplished by small changes in the shape of the tray that eventually align your teeth to the ideal position.

The challenge with Invisalign is that it does require the patient to wear the trays every day and change the trays in the interval recommended by his or her orthodontist (every week or every two weeks are common intervals).

The benefit with Invisalign is that it does not require you to come into the office very often. We send you home with all the Invisalign trays you will need during treatment and a few tools to help keep you comfortable during the process.

Fun fact: Glander Rochford Orthodontics is a Platinum Plus Invisalign Provider. That means we treat hundreds of patients a year, making us one of the best and most experienced  orthodontists in the Indianapolis and Greenwood area for Invisalign treatment.

Which braces are best for me?

Each type of braces can correct tooth alignment, overbite, underbite, and most orthodontic issues. When you come into your first appointment (complimentary consultation), Dr. Glander or Dr. Rochford will evaluate your current condition and work with you to find the best option that works for your life.

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